About Seiary

About Seiary

Seiary Filter Factory is a leading member of the Seiary Group of Companies. The group’s origins date back nearly four decades to 1980 when it started manufacturing air filters and trading in HVAC materials.

Seiary has its offices, showrooms and warehouses in Central, Eastern and Western provinces at Riyadh, Jeddah, Makkah and Al Khobar. With all facilities at its disposal, Seiary is able to provide high grade service to its customers located even in distant jobsites in any part of Saudi Arabia. Seiary’s overseas department, located at its head office in Riyadh, is fully committed serving its foreign clients all over the Middle East.

Seiary Filters has always stood out as a producer of high efficiency filters, which are manufactured with the latest machinery and tested under stringent conditions. And we are constantly trying to enhance value for our customers with specially designed filters to suit their specific requirements.

Seiary Filter Factory is a UL-listed and ISO 9001:2015 certified organization.


Our vision is to be the global leader in product innovation through continuous technological and quality improvements, setting new industry standards.

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To fulfill our responsibility to society by being a model producer in saving resources of the world.


We are constantly upgrading our commitment to R&D so as to provide any air filter required by even the most exacting customer.

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